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K4nK4n deviant ID 2011 11 16 by K4nK4n K4nK4n deviant ID 2011 11 16 by K4nK4n
Silver Shadow shook his head a little, as though trying to shake out their voices and to just concentrate. He glanced around from where he was, his silver eyes seeking out a familiar, large green unicorn.

"StarCrosser could," he said, continuing his reply to Faey's question. "Yet we would still need defense from the banshee's blades. If Valkyrie, StarCrosser and Cuirassier hold the defence, Wysteria and I may be able to get to Belenos. That is another possible option."

"Leave this to me," came the cold voice from the large, green unicorn as he moved onwards. He had learned that they cannot hurt the banshees with physical blows when in their mysty forms, but he could still cause them to disperse long enough for them to bring Belenos to safety while they're busy 'pulling themselves back together'. For that to be accomplished he would need more than just his hooves, and by looking around he found his solution. The solution - a large, tall, ancient yet still very solid stone pillar standing several feet away. They were in the ruins of a castle, after all.

With a quick leap, StarCrosser reached the pillar in question while the swarm of banshees were already closing in around him. Stopping just in front of the pillar with a halt, he quickly but fluidly rose up on his hindlegs, his already great height almost doubled as he did. Suddenly, his hooves began to glow a ghostly shade of green, illuminating the area surrounding him with some stange power from deep within him. The banshees were coming closer, but he remained focus at the task at hoof. He wasn't going to fail Belenos again. He acted. With fluid and grace, the green unicorn spun a full circle, clockwise, before smashing his left forehoof ito the lowest base of the pillar, literally shattering that part and causing the pillar to topple sideways. With another spin, StarCrosser grabs the falling pillar and shouts-

"Everypony get down~!!"

Then, with unbelievable strength, the green unicorn swung the enormous stone pillar two full circles all around himself, pummeling everything living or otherwise who failed to heed his warning. All the banshees who were too close to his onslaught were unable to dodge and had their bodies scattered like smoke, their weapons and armor which were more solid were all smashed into thousands of pieces. Every remaining piece of architecture that were in the way of the swinging pillar were obliterated, causing debris and dust to fly all over the place and adding to the already chaotic pandemonium that was currently happening. In the thick cloud of dust, debris and panic, StarCrosser threw the now crumbling pillar aside, crushing some banshees who were unlucky enough to be in its way as the huge cylinder of stone barreled over, then leaped beside the unconscious Belenos before quickly lifting the god with his forelegs and running back towards Silver Shadow and the others.

"I have him," declared StarCrosser to his comrades, "Now what?"


A portion of the story from The Highland Mists. [link]
Image is done 100% using only a computer mouse and the Paint program.

My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
All characters (c) their respective players
StarCrosser and his cutie mark (c) me :iconk4nk4n: StarCrosser
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